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Savings on dental care with our Dentist Cabo San Lucas might pay for your vacations and more! We are a group of qualified and experience dentists in Cabo San Lucas who offer you the entire gamut of dental services: cosmetic dentistry, root canal, bleaching, top quality ceramic crowns: Zirconium and E-Max, dental implants and overall mouth rehabilitation. We offer top notch dentistry, that’s why we are famous among Americans and Canadians who come here to get a beautiful and healthy smile at a much more affordable price than back home. With us you are in the best hands to fix your dental problems and enjoy your vacations with a bright smile.

Beautiful teeth will help you to rebuild your confidence. We have one of the best Cabo dental office and our lab is the best in the area. You can feel confident with our dentists in Cabo San Lucas for many reasons:

  • licensed and reputable dentists.
  • clean and modern office.
  • recent equipment and latest technologies
  • high quality dentistry standard

Going to the dentist might me an uncomfortable experience for some people and it is understandable. We aim to give the best experience and hope that in the future any fears will be eliminated by our high standards and people-oriented team. Also our goal is to make each and every one of our patients have a positive and pleasant experience. We make our patients feel at home and ease their anxiety in terms of their dental visit.

Dentist in Cabo San Lucas dentistsEnjoy your vacation and save money with our Dentist in Cabo San Lucas.

PRICE LIST – Dentist Cabo San Lucas

Check our Cabo San Lucas dentist’s prices and treatment durations. You can view Ignacio Gomez Gutierrez’s  prices are in US dollars. Contact Us to learn how long you need to visit your dentist in Cabo San Lucas for your specific treatment.

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I came to Dr. Hernandez for an implant. He examined my teeth and told me that my last root canal was improperly done. My Canadian dentist had cleaned 2 of 3 roots correctly but packed resin over an incompleted root cleanse. I ended up having 3 (painless) root canals in Cabo San Lucas before proceeding with my implant. Smiles Mexico at Cabo San Lucas is the best. Not only is Dr. Hernandez a great dentist, he is an honorable , gentleman who takes pride in doing a job well.

I feel that the pricing is a lot higher than other dentists in Mexico but still considerably lower than in Canada.. Reading reviews and comments from the internet it sounds like the pricing in Mexico can be as little as 25% of that in Canada when you use a good dentist that is not specifically marketing to foreigners and the pricing in this case is about 50-60 % of what it would be in Canada. but the service was good and the Dentist as well…Thanks

Cabo San Lucas Dentist’s TEAM

Our team consists of qualified and experienced specialists. Most of them graduated in renowned universities in Mexico or in US and settle in Cabo San Lucas to further pursue their dreams of creating a wonderful clinic. The team is very open to your suggestions and has an only aim, to make your smile brighter and better, while providing services of the highest quality

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